BANANITOS, what it is?

BANANITOS is a trade mark that provides produts for those people with intensive lifestyle who enjoys with sport activity and follows a healthy way to practise it.


Bananitos is a product based on 90% banana and 10% cane sugar. Fats free, salts, oils, colorants,conservants and no other additive natural or sintetic.
Bananitos can be eaten each daily workout session without typical energy bars/gels second/side effects
Bananitos is perfect for "before" and "during" the workout session. Also they are a healty snack with a high satienty effect.
What can you find in a banana?
Althought Banana Musaceae species consists over one thousand varieties just ten of them are used as a "dessert banana" because their hight fructose level.
In general, a medium peeled banana weighs around 85gr/3oz. In 100gr/3.53oz of peeled banana you can find: water 75%, 92Kcal, fats 0.48mg, proteins 1g, carbohydrates 23g, diet fibre 2.4g, potassium 395mg, phosphore 20mg, iron 0.3mg, salt 1mg, magnesium 30mg, calcium 6mg, zinc 0.16mg, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E.
... and what can you find in Bananitos?
Bananitos contains, under a concentrated unit, all the banana's nutrients but water.

In 100g/3.53oz of Bananitos you can find: 330kcal, carbohydrates 82g, potassium 735mg, magneisum 92mg, iron, phospore, zinc, vitamins, etc..


Please note that GI and GL are represented as range of values becasue depend on several characteristics of each athlete such as age, sex, weight,sweating,  body mass index, etc..
Why is a good idea to include BANANITOS in your daily diet?
The rich nutritive characteristics of Bananitos make it a basic food in your workout session because its energy load and micronutients levels without any additives. Gluten, salt, fats and common allergens free, Banantos can be eaten every day by all kind of people.
Why Bananitos is specialy focused on athletes?
Because Bananitos provides to athletes main important nutrients for their sport activity: magnesium, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc..
Bananas vs Bananitos?
Bananitos has all virtues of the banana and any of its disadvantages, such as: available space to be carried, repiering point accelerate by heat, conservation, weakness against impacts, oxidation, possible gastric distress, the mandatory to eat the whole banana piece once it has been peeled and... what to do with the peel?
Each unit of Bananitos has 15gr/0.53oz weight, and dimentions(mm) 60x30x6. Thanks to its low weight and size it is easy to carry with you, you can put it any place: small pocket, backpack, headwear, armband, handcase, sport bra, jacket, bottle carrier, wetsuit, etc...
It is a natural product you can eat anyplace, anymoment helping you gatting rid of gastric distress and keeping your glycemic, potassium and magnesium levels
How many Bananitos should I eat each workout session?
It is a question without a standard answer because each person has their own biochemistry depending on several factors such as age, genetic, sex, weight, sweating level, body mass index, etc.. Bananitos is not a dietary supplement neither substitutive. Whether if it is your sport first day or you are a frequent athlete, it is hightly recomended to go for a medical check up and proffesional advise.

As a reference, we would say that based on a caloric daily intake of 2,000 calories (for adults and children four or more years of age), one portion each 30-40minutes before and during sport activity.


Do you usually go out on an empty or full stomach before your workout session?
Anycase empty or full, you know it is not a good idea neither makes you feel well. It is not good practising sport without eating anything neither having a large meal before it.
Before a workout session, Bananitos gives you satiating effect and a good glycemic base to start practise your activity. During the sport activity it helps you keeping glycemic level and supplying basic chemical elements like potassium and magnesium.

But it is not a miracle product nor a magic potion so, do not forget be properly hidratated and be aware of the effor you want to do.


Because it is a natural product, additives free, does Bananitos need special cares conservation?
No, it doesn't need special conservation conditions. Just in a dry and fresh place, away direct sunlight and agressive odors will keep all properties.
It is not recommended froze/unfroze processes
Is Bananitos catalogued as an energizer product?
Sugar is an energizer nutrient as well all products containing any kind of it. In the market we can find specific energizers products that follow a complex elaborating and chemical formula for a direct energy input guidelines: how much and how fast/slow is being released into your blood torrent.
Bananitos is an energizer product because of its 10% cane sugar added and total carbohydrates load but, is far from those complex energy gels/bars previously mentioned.

Bananitos is a natural product that releseases you energy and nutrients without giving unreal (and dangerous) euphoric feelings about how are you, what can you do and how long.
Bananitos is 90% fruit and 10% cane sugar elaborated following a traditional recipe. Bananitos is not a complement food, it can be used in your healthy daily diet.
Is Bananitos better than common syntetic energy products we can find in markets and specialized commerces?
We are talking about different productos with different goals. In one hand Bananitos has its own specific characteristics focussed on natural nutrition, without side effects, economical for a daily sport activity. In the other hand the most common energy gels/bars follows specific goals: instant energy release, endurance, recovery, muscular mass increasing, streach, etc.. Bananitos does not compete with those products... but for a daily workout, 5kms running, gym circuit, all day activities.. Bananitos is better!!
Bananitos as an alternative to energy bars and gels
Do you usually consume energy gels and/or bars but they are expensive for a daily habit and make you feel undesired side effects: Homeostasis broken down, Physiological stress, Glycemic sock, Glycemic collapse, Hypoglycemia (bonking), Psychomotor kickback, Stomach ache, Gastric distress, Dependence&Tolerance, Common allergies, Common intolerances, Sleeplessness?
Bananitos is a nutritive product where you can find a high presence of all the banana's nutrients: potassium, magnesium, fructose, vitamines, folic acid, etc. also it has a fantastic taste and texture all under a natural format without any additive and without side effects!
Bananitos is sold in a 20 servings package. Counting 3-4 days workouts per week, one hour each, a package per month!!! natural, nutritive and cheap!!