Bananitos was born to provide a natural food with all the banana and cane sugar benefits.
Bananitos is a product for people of all ages, specially suitable for those who enjoy practising sport regularly with the daily goal of finding better themselves.
Bananas are a natural energy source, rich in carbohydrates, minerales, dietary fibre, potassium, magnesium, vitamins, phosphorus, folic acid, zinc, etc..
Several scientific studies inform us about the banana properties and its health benefics in our daily diet, specially for the sport activity. It is good for our muscle function, blood pressure, calcium absorption, digestive and nervious system, energy load, frame of mind, etc..

Bananitos, without using artificial additives under a format free of all the banana fruit disadvantages such as: fragility, inadequate maduration state, size, weight, quick oxidation, weakness shocks and pressure, short life, space to store, etc..
Bananitos is 100% natural: 90% banana + 10% sugar cane + 0% additives.
Bananitos is ideal as energy, micronutrients and trace elements provider. Also its low weight and size makes easy to be carried and eaten. Optimal for all ages and sports